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If You See What God Sees, You Might Flood the World Too.

The flood wasn’t an event God just allowed to happen it was a cataclysmic event God made happen. How can we worship a being that would kill innocents? What about the children and infants? Did they too deserve to die?

John 3:16 tells us that God loved us so much that he sent his only son to die for us. Romans 8:39 explains that nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love that God has for us.

So why flood the world? Why kill those that he supposedly loves? One reason is God’s omnipresence. We understand that God is all knowing and all powerful but have you considered the ramifications of being all seeing and ever present? God sees every act of good will, love and charity but he also sees every lie, theft, rape and murder. During Noah’s time the Bible tells us that every inclination of man’s heart was only evil all the time.

In modern times each and every year Satan’s machinations minimize the impact of the sins we Number of homicidescommit. Lying has become tolerable, lust natural, adultery promotable, homosexuality acceptable, promiscuity wonderful, rape non-prosecutable, drunkenness generational and abortion debatable. The impact of these sins is not watered down for God however. God feels the pain of these offenses to no lesser a degree than if each one plagued you personally. We are all God’s children and as much as you love your children so too does God love us. Therefore every lie, rape, murder, molestation, destruction, and fornication committed against any man, woman or child in this world is experienced by God as though his very children were being destroyed.

Look at these following statistics:

• 437,000 worldwide intentional homicides were committed in 2012 – UN Office on Drugs and Crime (That’s 49 deaths an hour!)
• Every 2 minutes an American is sexually assaulted – RAINN
• 1,583 kidnappings took place in Mexico alone in 2013 which doesn’t include those unreported.
• By 2008 rates, one in four American women will have an abortion by age 30 – Guttmacher Institute
• Studies vary but in the U.S. alone an estimated 10-15% of women and 20-25% of men had sex outside their marriage.
• 20% of women and 5-10% of men reported being sexually abused as children – W.H.O.
• Estimates vary but the porn industry is suggested to produce $97 billion a year globally which doesn’t of course include all those who watch it online for free.

No part of the world is too remote or off limits to God. Right now as you read these words one of God’s children, a man who is both a son and a father is being murdered but you will never feel his last gasp or even hear of his death. God though feels this individual’s terror in real time and he will experience the anguish of his family members long after the person has departed. Do you hear that? One of God’s daughters is screaming. Through tears of panic and pain she claws and fights. Men are raping her. Do you feel her terror? No? God does. We’re not done yet. Two children have just locked themselves in their bathroom. They climb into the bathtub, pull the curtain shut and shiver in one another’s arms. Their drunken father pounds on the door looking for someone to beat on. To where do they escape? Do you want God to intervene or should he stay out of our lives? Miles away a young woman who hasn’t seen her family in years sleeps on a filthy carpet. Her bruised wrist is chained to a cinder block in the basement of two men who abducted her from a mall years earlier. Do you know what degradation she endures every night? Can you hear their boots coming down the steps? Does your heart pound through your chest as hers? Do you want to know what thoughts slither through these men’s minds? Do you not believe Jesus is weeping?

When you uncover your spouse’s lies and betrayal you fully experience despair and anger to a degree not before comprehensible. When your child is hooked on drugs your hatred for the dealer cannot be measured and the sorrow for your child knows no depths. When your child is snatched from the streets your wrath boils over and your heart is filled with murder. You cry out for justice!

Every second of every day, month, year, decade, century and millennium God sees all and feels all. We curse and shake our fists at trivial inconveniences yet we judge God’s wrath despite the evil he witnesses. We know so little about how our brothers and sisters across the world suffer at the hands of the wicked! Non-believers curse God for his justice but I say, “thank you, Lord for being so patient.”

Nahum 1:3


“I’m An Atheist, Am I Going To Hell?”

Recently I watched a video of an Ohio State University student challenging Christian apologist, Ohio state atheistFrank Turek, during an open forum.  The girl, an atheist, asked one question and posed it very simply for added effect, “Am I going to hell?”

If you don’t believe in God then logically you don’t believe in hell either.  Why then does an atheist who doesn’t believe in hell ask if they are going there?  For instance I would never ask a Hindu if I am to be reincarnated after death because I don’t believe it is true though their religion teaches it is so.  Likewise this girl, if she were truly an atheist, didn’t believe she would go to hell when she died.

The real reason she asked Frank Turek that question was because she knew according to the Christian belief that if she didn’t believe in Christ that yes, she would go to hell and she wanted everyone in the room to hear Turek condemn her.  This question is an obvious and sometimes effective technique that atheists use to undermine the Christian faith.  The “Am I going to hell?” question is designed to expose God as cruel and merciless and convince Christians or at least agnostics still on the fence, that they shouldn’t worship a God that condemns you to eternal damnation.

The fact is that answering such a question forces you to play God.  How could Turek or anyone else decide her afterlife any more than they could determine whether she would get cancer, win the lottery or die in a plane crash?  Atheists and other non-believers such as Muslims are converting to Christianity every day.  She could very well have a religious experience and become a devout Christian before her death.  Frank Turek’s responsibility was not to condemn her.

Now I know what you are thinking.  My response is a cop out and I’m dancing around the question.  Here’s the real answer then; you have a choice.  God has given you the free will to choose to be with him or not be with him.  You aren’t a robot.  He won’t flick that cigarette from your mouth before you take a drag.  He won’t pour out all your liquor bottles before your next party.  He won’t pluck you in the back of the head every time you lie.  He won’t throw a bucket of cold water on you every time you are about to have sex outside of marriage.  He won’t crash your computer every time you choose to view an objectionable site and no he does not block your hand should you throw it in anger.  Similarly he won’t force you into his presence glorious though it is.  Perhaps one could argue that the immense amount of free will God grants us is one reason why so many doubt his existence.  This is a question worth exploring later.

For now I will give the most simplistic answer possible.  God won’t force you to go to the party with him and choosing not to believe in him doesn’t remove heaven or hell from the equation.  When your body dies you are going somewhere and where that is, is your choice.

To me, the many terrible things in this world that atheists blame God for are the very things from which he wishes to remove them.  I wonder if they truly don’t believe in God or if they are just angry with him?