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Yes, Of Course Homosexuals Can Go to Heaven, but Can They Still Be Intimate?

Homosexual marriage is a hot social topic these days and since Christians are perceived to be the smiley face pairindividuals who have the biggest problem with this issue, they are frequently invited to share their views on the subject.  So if you don’t know, homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible.  For the holier than thou heterosexuals, lying is also a sin as is adultery, pre-marital sex, drunkenness, murder, theft and so on.

Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  We are all sinners!

I John 1:8 – “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”

Have liars gone to heaven? Yes.

Have adulterers gone to heaven? Yes.

Have thieves gone to heaven? Yes.

Have rapists and murderers gone to heaven? Yes.

In short, if I repent of my sins and believe that Jesus died to pay my penalty then I can go to heaven.  Even if I were a murderer, rapist, arsonist, drunk, idolator or had sex with other men, if I repent I will receive my resurrected body.  Yes, homosexuals who believe in Christ will be looking down from Heaven on righteous men who don’t.

I think we’re not answering the correct question though and that question is, “How can homosexuals live a life for God and still be intimate with their loved one?”  If men and women really are born gay then why is it a sin for them to fall in love with one another, marry, and enjoy the same intimacy God intended for married heterosexual couples?  Let’s be clear, any sex, heterosexual or otherwise, outside of marriage, is a sin.  That’s something many throne sitting Christians forget when judging homosexuals.  Their premarital or extramarital sex is no more tasteful to God than homosexual sex.  Read my post, “7 Reasons Why God is Such a Buzzkill About Sex.”

But what of married homosexuals?  Certainly they should be allowed all the intimate fruits of marriage?  The Bible is fairly clear that marriage is between a man and a woman, not between a man and a man or between a woman and a woman.  If gays are born as such and they can’t get married or have sex outside of marriage then what are they to do?  Just go without sex? Here I contend is the crux of the problem.  If homosexuality is a choice then the answer isn’t a difficult one.  Stop having homosexual sex and engage in heterosexual sex with your spouse of a different gender.  Ah, but if homosexuality isn’t a choice has God cheated gays out of intimacy for reasons not obviously apparent to them?

What then should homosexuals do about sex, just not have any???  Yes, that’s what I’m saying but trust me, I say this with great sympathy and personal understanding.  Our notion that sex is our right and that we should crave it all the time comes from the world, not of God.  We’ve grown so accustomed to filling the holes left by lust, stress and depression in our lives with sex rather than with God that we have no notion we can do without it.  Sex as God intended it, is between a married man and woman.  Not between two fifteen year old sweethearts who are in love.  Not between two romantic sixty year old divorcees who are in love.  Not even between two engaged Christian missionaries out in the field.  I say this not to condemn anyone but to make it clear that not only homosexuals are getting the short end of the stick.  I understand that the world is tough and sex is comforting.  I understand that for many of you, intimacy is an act of love.  At the end of all things though, God’s rewards for us will make sex look like a day at the dentist so take comfort in that and try to trust him.  Understand though that if you do stumble God will always forgive those that ask for it.

Jesus died for every one of us.  He loves every one of us.  Jesus’ second commandment was to love our neighbor as ourselves and that includes everyone.

Let’s stop asking who doesn’t get to go to heaven and start celebrating who does.