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“I’m An Atheist, Am I Going To Hell?”

Recently I watched a video of an Ohio State University student challenging Christian apologist, Ohio state atheistFrank Turek, during an open forum.  The girl, an atheist, asked one question and posed it very simply for added effect, “Am I going to hell?”

If you don’t believe in God then logically you don’t believe in hell either.  Why then does an atheist who doesn’t believe in hell ask if they are going there?  For instance I would never ask a Hindu if I am to be reincarnated after death because I don’t believe it is true though their religion teaches it is so.  Likewise this girl, if she were truly an atheist, didn’t believe she would go to hell when she died.

The real reason she asked Frank Turek that question was because she knew according to the Christian belief that if she didn’t believe in Christ that yes, she would go to hell and she wanted everyone in the room to hear Turek condemn her.  This question is an obvious and sometimes effective technique that atheists use to undermine the Christian faith.  The “Am I going to hell?” question is designed to expose God as cruel and merciless and convince Christians or at least agnostics still on the fence, that they shouldn’t worship a God that condemns you to eternal damnation.

The fact is that answering such a question forces you to play God.  How could Turek or anyone else decide her afterlife any more than they could determine whether she would get cancer, win the lottery or die in a plane crash?  Atheists and other non-believers such as Muslims are converting to Christianity every day.  She could very well have a religious experience and become a devout Christian before her death.  Frank Turek’s responsibility was not to condemn her.

Now I know what you are thinking.  My response is a cop out and I’m dancing around the question.  Here’s the real answer then; you have a choice.  God has given you the free will to choose to be with him or not be with him.  You aren’t a robot.  He won’t flick that cigarette from your mouth before you take a drag.  He won’t pour out all your liquor bottles before your next party.  He won’t pluck you in the back of the head every time you lie.  He won’t throw a bucket of cold water on you every time you are about to have sex outside of marriage.  He won’t crash your computer every time you choose to view an objectionable site and no he does not block your hand should you throw it in anger.  Similarly he won’t force you into his presence glorious though it is.  Perhaps one could argue that the immense amount of free will God grants us is one reason why so many doubt his existence.  This is a question worth exploring later.

For now I will give the most simplistic answer possible.  God won’t force you to go to the party with him and choosing not to believe in him doesn’t remove heaven or hell from the equation.  When your body dies you are going somewhere and where that is, is your choice.

To me, the many terrible things in this world that atheists blame God for are the very things from which he wishes to remove them.  I wonder if they truly don’t believe in God or if they are just angry with him?


Why The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know He Exists

The first time I saw the film The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey’s classic line, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist,” stood out to me Greatest trick devil pulledbecause it made little sense at the time.  Though this movie hit theaters long before the character Loki, Thor’s villainous brother, hit the big screen, I suppose I had always pictured the devil to be similar in nature.  A scheming, conniving, second rate king who wanted worldwide recognition and all to bow down to his glory.  Many Christians who of course believe in the devil like to picture him as a powerless arrogant, buffoon while non-Christians of course don’t believe in him anyway which as it turns out is exactly what the devil wants.

If you believe in the devil then he by all means wants you to underestimate him.  Many religious leaders have convinced us that Satan is so inept at what he does that we unknowingly grow lazy in our faith until the old wolf blows our straw house down.  “That silly, stupid, Satan!” I have heard some regard him as, seduces us into a reckless way of thinking and this is a trap by the devil to convince you to let your guard down.

Now of course non-Christians worry over him less because Satan after all to them isn’t real.  Well that manner of thinking is just fine with the devil too.  John 10:10 says, “The thief comes to only kill, steal and destroy….”  Do thieves, murderers, rapists, arsonists, etc. announce their presence before they come calling?  Do they wear shirts that say, “Hi I steal jewelry and prescription medicine,” or “I like watching things burn,”?  Of course not or else we would all be on guard in their presence.  If the world had no thieves or at least didn’t believe they existed, we would all leave our doors unlocked and our children unattended.  The thief’s greatest weapon is anonymity.  If you don’t know they are a thief then you are less likely to protect yourself against them.

If a clever human is able to sneak into a bank or heist a plane in mid-air, how much more could one of God’s angels accomplish if your doors remain unsecured?  Sure with the power of Christ you can defeat the devil even though he currently is Prince of this World.  You can beat back his temptations, his storms and his disease.  Your power though is in God’s word and left unspoken you have no offense against an unseen enemy in whom you don’t believe.

Everyday we poison our bodies with substances we deem either in hope or ignorance to be harmless but ones which no doubt will be classified by scientists as harmful years from now.  Just as smoking or even sugar is killing us, years ago we did nothing to protect ourselves because we had no clue they could harm us.  Despite the irrefutable Biblical research handed down to us thousands of years ago and preached the world over, we continue to allow Satan’s poison into our homes, marriages, schools, workplaces, etc.  Why?!  Because the devil is so cunning he has convinced more and more everyday that there is no monster and that we are fit to rule ourselves.  Sadly for us the devil wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Wait until they pass from this earth,” he sneers from his throne in hell, “then they will truly know who they have served their whole lives.”

Yes, perhaps the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was in convincing the world he didn’t exist and maybe his second greatest is in convincing us that God too doesn’t exist.  Maybe the devil isn’t really all that stupid but neither must we also be.


Why Did Prince Charming and Cinderella Divorce?

Who doesn’t dream of Disney’s version of happily ever after where the dashing, good looking prince sweeps the poor, desperate but beautiful princess off her feet? If you are a man you yearn to be the rich prince who can provide for the every need of a beautiful damsel with all your money. As a woman you perhaps look forward to waking up every morning with a rose on your pillow, dining extravagantly by the gleaming river every night, and making love in the back of a horse drawn carriage.

Do you think this is what happened to Prince Charming and Cinderella? If you have ever been trapped in the chemical induced high of a new relationship you probably feel the person with whom you are infatuated is your soul mate. You might even feel you have found your very own fairy tale Prince Charming or Cinderella. And yet a few years later when those chemicals dissipate and the vines of responsibility constrict all romance, each spouse may wonder if they married the wrong person.

As we know fairy tales exist only in the movies. Rarely are prostitutes swept off the streets by a handsome, rich man and married as in Pretty Woman. Even if this happens what becomes of them when the curtain falls? We see the couple at the height of their infatuation and feel they are destined to a fairy tale future.

But guess what? This seldom happens and all those right now contemplating divorce because their marriage did not turn out to be the fairly tale of which they dreamed need to take caution. Let’s fast forward five years into Prince Charming and Cinderella’s future to find out what really happened to them.

Though they started out happy Prince Charming’s duties to the kingdom soon take priority as evil forces started massing against him in the next realm. No longer could he spend his day rushing to the needs of his princess. He now spends 12 hours a day ensuring the outer defenses are secure. Cinderella as well must tend to duties in the castle and represent the kingdom at many social engagements. By the time she retires to their chambers the Prince is already asleep or vice versa. Furthermore when they do have time for each other, seldom do they have the energy for play. The threat of attack has so preoccupied Charming that he barely has any desire for Cinderella and when he does Cinderella is too overwhelmed with their children to care. This leaves the other feeling dejected and unattractive.

Eventually because neither can meet each others’ needs, sexual frustration creeps in and individuals once representing no temptation now catch the Charmings’ eyes. The prince becomes attracted to the courage and skills of a gorgeous archer under his command. Cinderella’s desire for the caring and compassionate stable master grows each time he brings an apple to her children and gently sets them upon their steeds. Now the cycle begins anew. The chemicals swirling through their brains which once created endless desire for one another now spurn them into the arms of another. Their past lustful addiction to one another which waned under the pressure of responsibility is rekindled for new objects of desire. As a result, when the addiction burns brightest, they contemplate whether their marriage ever should have taken place, not for once considering the same downfall will occur with their new romances.

The devil is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will using caring, compassionate people to lead us astray from the covenant we make before God. Why? Because broken marriages delight him. Love is not an emotion. The unquenchable passion you experience at the beginning of a relationship is the result of brain induced chemicals. Once those wane love becomes a decision. Do you love your spouse? Can you forge through dirty diapers, family duties or warring forces that seek to divide you or will you forever search for a fairy tale?

The current divorce rate in the United States is 50%. According to some surveys the rate of infidelity among men equals that and for women it is as high as 40%. Will you be another statistic? Another notch on the Devil’s walking stick?

7 Ways You are Sapping Your Colleagues’ Will to Live

As I’m talking to my son over the weekend about a few of the annoying things he does that he has no idea bother other people I’m forced to reflect on a few of the annoying things my colleagues have done to me over the years and some things I no doubt do to others.  Here are a few things you do that annoy the hell out of your colleagues to which you are oblivious.

Tell lame jokes – You think everyone loves a good joke but the key word here is “good”.  Are you an encyclopedia of jokes?  Do you have a natural knack for remembering every one liner told to you and then regurgitating the same joke over and over again to every colleague that passes by your desk?  Do you laugh uproariously at your own joke even though you’ve told it twelve times?  In closed company do you sometimes whisper the inappropriate joke about Stevie Wonder’s blindness or Polish people’s alleged stupidity.  You do?  Yeah, knock that mess off!

Sigh before smoking – Do you sigh before getting up from your desk on the way out for your 4th smoke break before lunch as if to convey, “Boy I wish this addiction didn’t have such a hold on me.  I sure feel bad for not working.”  It isn’t your smoke break that annoys everyone so much as your feigned sigh of remorse.  You know you don’t care that we’re working while you’re toking away and we know you don’t care either!

Yell in Your Emails – Ever had a boss or colleague send you an email like this?  “This report isn’t bad but WE CAN DO BETTER!  ALPHABETIZE THE COLUMNS AND SEND EVERY MONDAY MORNING FROM NOW ON!”  Easy Mr. Furious!  While you think you’re just trying to emphasize your request, your use of all caps comes across as angry shouting.  Chill!  Your yelling isn’t increasing your employee’s satisfaction.

“Who the F#@k won Survivor last night? – Run for cover because someone is dropping “F” bombs.  I know the casual use of “Fudge” helped propel Eddie Murphy and Dice Clay’s comedic careers but you’re in the office now buddy and using it to make yourself look funny or big only makes you look like a vulgarian.  Occasionally a well placed “Fu#k may illicit a laugh but we don’t need to hear, “What the f*ck, why the hell is the fu#king printer out of mother fu$king paper again?”  Just calm down man!

Zone out – When people start talking to me within ten seconds I usually start thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch, or for dinner, or what I need at the store later.  I usually nod during the conversation at moments that probably don’t make sense and occasionally throw in a grunt of agreement a la Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.  Not much time passes before they figure out I’m not even listening to them which obviously gets on their nerves or makes them feel boring and unimportant.  Yes, that’s right.  My hunger is more important than how we plan to boost revenue!

Not plan ahead – Ever had a colleague call you from the road and ask you for directions on how to get to their sales call and/or to book them a room for the night in the area even though they knew about their trip weeks in advance?  Ever felt like sending them an email that said, “I’M NOT TOMTOM OR YOUR F#@KING TRAVEL AGENT!”

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me – You probably don’t remember this song from Hee Haw but maybe you’ve worked with someone like this.  One day your colleague complains about a sore throat, the next sunburn, the next diarrhea (egad), the next a headache, the next a runny nose, the next their sex life (egad x 2), until the cycle repeats all over again.  You are the pillar of de-motivation my friend and you are sapping the life out of your colleagues.

What behaviors at work do you do which may annoy others or what are the things others do that annoy you about which your colleagues are clueless?