Old Haunted Woods

Trapped inside Old House Woods, the most haunted piece of land in Tidewater, VA, Levi Schroeder is brought into conflict with the ghostly villains imprisoned inside whom he must save if he wishes to escape.

In the category at the right, Old House Woods, you will find sample chapters of a completed, fictional manuscript I wrote concerning the origins of the many spirits trapped within.  Below is a brief summary of my novel, Old House Woods followed by links to all of the chapters.


Levi Schroeder pitched his tent in Old House Woods and soon learned to his horror that the ghostly tales spun by his town’s senior citizens were not so fictional.  The host of many deaths, the woods’ tragic history ignites with the screams of a dying woman and unravels from beginning to end before Levi on fast forward.  He soon finds himself running from each explosive confrontation fearing that if he dies inside he too will be imprisoned.  His friendship with Victoria, a colonial child who has wandered the woods alone for centuries, forces Levi to choose between his life and hers?  A startling supernatural solution gives Levi alone the power to free not only Victoria but also the underserving thieves and murderers who wanted his head.  Should dead villains get a second chance?  Before dawn comes the fate of all those inside must be decided.

Old House Woods, which rests on the Chesapeake Bay, is the most supernaturally active piece of land in the Tidewater area of Virginia.  Newspapers and books have recounted stories for decades of ghostly cattle, buried treasure, spectral Redcoats and even a phantom pirate ship off which its crew disembarks.  I have researched the tales surrounding Old House Woods and walked through the haunted trees at night.  Few understand why the ghosts are present.  My story reveals their past and also their future.

Old House Woods is not horror.  It is a story about discovering ones self-worth and extending forgiveness, second chances and salvation on an actual piece of property that happens to be invested with ghosts.

Old House Woods – Chapter 1 – Left Behind
Old House Woods – Chapter 2 – The Old Lady By the Woods
Old House Woods – Chapter 3 – A Father’s Disdain
Old House Woods – Chapter 4 – The Story of Old House Woods
Old House Woods – Chapter 5 – Into White’s Creek
Old House Woods – Chapter 6 – Into the Woods
Old House Woods – Chapter 7 – First Night in the Woods
Old House Woods – Chapter 8 – Confrontations
Old House Woods – Chapter 9 – A Full Moon Encounter
Old House Woods – Chapter 10 – Villainous Deeds
Old House Woods – Chapter 11- Storm Woman
Old House Woods – Chapter 12 – New Arrivals
Old House Woods – Chapter 13 – The British Are Coming
Old House Woods – Chapter 14 – Victoria
Old House Woods – Chapter 15 – Expert Treasure Hunter
Old House Woods – Chapter 16 – Retribution
Old House Woods – Chapter 17 – Doris’ Husband
Old House Woods – Chapter 18 – At an End
Old House Woods – Chapter 19 – Salvation
Old House Woods – Chapter 20 – Tearful Reunion

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